Dairylea is now DFA

Members of Dairylea Cooperative Inc. approved a proposed merger with Dairy Farmers of America (DFA). The merger became official April 1, 2014 and combines Dairylea’s Northeast-based 1,200 members with DFA’s 13,000 nationwide dairy farmer members. As the two cooperatives merge, we anticipate minimal disruptions in business. Check back here often for updates.

Please visit www.dfamilk.com for information on DFA. The press release is also available here.


Legislative Update
The Farm Bill was signed by President Obama on Friday, Feb.7, at Michigan State University. While the Senate has passed its version of an immigration reform bill (S.744), the House's piece-meal approach to immigration reform has yet to see the House floor.
Ag Committee House | Ag Committee Senate

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Dairylea merged with DFA
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